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Warranty Policy and Terms and Conditions

  • All items come with at least 6-12 months parts and labour warranty from us the supplier unless otherwise specified in the product description. The warranty doesn't cover cosmetic damage, we are after all selling seconds. 

  • The below information is regarding the Warranty we, G-smith Electronics, provide on our refurbished appliances.

  • If you would like to know everything that is included in the warranty please have a read below.

  • If you wish to cancel an order the cancellation fee is 5% of the purchase.   

  • If items are going into a commercial environment you will receive a 1 month warranty (inc Share Accommodation).



We recommend that you have a read if you wish to purchase something from us. G-smith Electronics



Warranty Conditions


At G-smith Electronics items come with either 6-12 months warranty on all our products (Please check Product Listing)

Within that warranty period should anything go wrong all you have to do is a give us a call and if need be bringing the item back to base


Note: That the warranty is in place so that you are assured you have purchased a tested, quality item, it does not cover any cosmetic issues with the item. 


We rigorously test our products before allowing them to be sold so rest assured in that the items that we do offer work perfectly and that the warranty is there for your peace of mind.

The following conditions apply only in relation to the warranty expressly given on this warranty advice form supplied with the product. The benefits conferred in this warranty are in additions to all other rights and remedies in respect of the product which the purchaser has by virtue of the relevant practices act or any other State or Territory legislation, and nothing contained in this warranty Advice Form shall in any way limit the purchaser’s rights under such legislation.


This warranty applies only to:


All service calls apply only back to base warranty


Appliances must be used for PRIVATE SINGLE DOMESTIC USE only by the original purchaser.


Rectification of any fault, including replacement or repair of a part, to be provided under this warranty shall not be provided-

  • If the identification no./serial no. attached to the appliance has not been altered, rendered illegible or removed;

  • If notice of the detect has not been given in period applicable;

  • To light globe;

  • To paint and vitreous enamel finishes and GLASS (including all glass on fridges/washing machines) If you want to replace the glass we can provided you with some information.

  • To any belts within appliances. (Due to Overloading)

  • To any shelves, door baskets, plastics etc.

  • To surfaces damaged by use of aerosols or cleaners;

  • Subject to misuse, abuse, negligence, fire or floods:

  • Connected or improper, inadequate or faulty electricity, gas, water or drainage services or intake or exhaust ducts or flues, or operated using incorrect or contaminated water or Detergent.

  • Installed maintained or operated otherwise than in accordance with the instructions.

  • Damaged by foreign objects in the appliance. (hairclips,pins,coins)

  • Foreign objects obstructing a washing machines drainage system is not covered by warranty.

  • Serviced, repaired or altered otherwise then by G-smith Electronics approved replacement parts.

  • The purchaser shall be responsible for any expense involved in making the appliance readily accessible for servicing. The purchaser may be responsible for any cost of transporting the appliance therefore to and from G-smith Electronics.

  • This warranty is the only expressed warranty given by G-smith Electronics.

  • G-smith Electronics reserves the right to determine whether or not the fault is caused by faulty workmanship or material or that any part is defective.

  • Where the permitted by law, this warranty shall not apply to loss suffered through or resulting from the non-operation or the ineffective operation of the appliance or any part of the appliance.

  • The purchaser must held proof of the date of purchase when making a claim.

  • These Warranty Conditions supersedes and excludes all other representations, conditions and warranties, except those implied by the legislation previously referred to.

  • If you have placed a deposit and decided to cancel your purchase. 
    Deposit is non-refundable. (Depending of amount of deposit.)

  • Cancellation fee is 10% of the purchase. 




  • If machines are incorrectly installed by the customer a service fee will be charged from $66

  • When purchasing a Front loader, you will need to use FRONT LOADER DETERGENT ONLY. Please note if using top loader detergent, the warranty will be voided

  • Installation is not covered in the warranty

  • If there are any traces of hair clips, nails, screws etc in the drum or pump the warranty will be void.


Delivery Conditions

The following conditions apply only in relation to the delivery service supplied by G-smith Electronics These conditions apply to all forms of delivery provided by G-smith Electronics

All items are delivered ‘as is’ whether they have been purchased online or in store.

The driver or delivery person may refuse to deliver an item without a signature or adequate communication from the customer.

G-smith Electronics  has the right to charge for redelivery in the case that a delivery was organised, the driver has come to the address and nobody was home.

Items will not be left on the premises without the owners expressed permission.

In the case that the customer wishes G-smith Electronics to remove old appliances, you agree that the goods have a zero value and become our property, and we may dispose the item as we see fit.



EXCLUSIONS: This G-smith Electronics  warranty excludes-


a) Subject to the purchaser’s rights referred to herein, G-smith Electronics  hereby excludes and disclaims to the maximum extent permitted by law and any and all either liability in respect of the product.


b) This G-smith Electronics  Warranty does not apply to:


I. Light Bulb, batteries and other accessories, control knobs and buttons, Remote control , tv stand, power cable , power plugs, leads, glass or plastic accessories appearance items.

II. Damage caused by accident, misuse or negligence, including by leaking batteries, foreign objects or substances not normally associated with the products: damaged caused by scratching, chipping, staining, rust, corrosion, moisture, steam or heat from appliances; damaged by unusual or non-traditional use (including overloading and overusing), positioning or location

III. For Washing Machine , Failure arises from installation by a person or company that’s not fully licensed to carry our installations on dishwashers; and failure arising from improper installation of the product. Any damage to paint work, metal framework or finished trim of the product caused by weathering, rain, hail, storm, flood, fire, salt corrosive materials and corrosive environments. Failure arising from lack of reasonable maintenance of the Washing Machine. (For example, regular cleaning, replacement of filters).

IV. Products repaired or tampered with by anyone other than G-smith Electronics Technicians

V. Any faults relating to or arising from any defect in the product which was known to you (or end user) at the time of purchase including any pre-existing conditions.

VI. Calls to attend or request for services in respect of any adjustments which could have been performed by the owner or arising from external power supply or other faults in any ancillary or other equipment or external inferences of any nature act of god.

VII. The expense of a service call when no fault has been found with the product.

VIII. Products where the serial number was removed or defaced

IX. Insurance of any product in transit or when in possession of G-smith Electronics  or any other party.

X. Any Circumstances which constitute an ‘Act of god’ (E.g.: Earthquakes, typhoons, flash floods etc.) or which would normally be covered by normal house hold insurance.

XI. Any loss suffered through or resulting from the non-operation or the ineffective operation of the G-smith Electronics  products or any part of these products

XII. Failure arising from wildlife damage, power surges, connection to incorrect voltage, voltage fluctuations and external electromagnetic interference.

XIII. Failure to properly maintain, clean and services (including and not limited to heads, internal cavities, uses accessible filters etc.)

XIV. Failure arising from blocked pumps, drains, foreign objects/substances inside the product. Incorrect or inadequate plumping and wiring, incorrect usage of detergents, fabric softeners, washing liquids etc.

XV. Correcting installation such as removal of transit packer, levelling the machine, adjustment of the drain to correct syphoning, noises, crosses, kinked or leaking inlet hose connections, turning on water or power supplies; and

XVI. In the case of washing machine, dryers, noise or vibration that is considered normal (spin sounds, user warning beeps etc.)


c) In the event that the owner is not in attendance at the address notified to G-smith Electronics  or its authorised service centre during normal business hours and an appointment has been made with the owner for provisions of service, additional charges may be made at the prevailing rates for each service call made or attempted.


d) The purchaser will be liable for any labour, parts or transportation costs incurred by G-smith Electronics  or its authorised service centre if after having been inspected that the alleged defect is found not to be covered by the warranty for whatever reason and not related to any defect in the product.

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