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Samsung 8.5kg QDrive washer and 9kg Heat Pump Dryer Pair Deal

Samsung 8.5KG washer WW85M64FOPW

Samsung 9Kg heat pump dryer DV90N8289AW

Factory refurbished Units


(This pair is available for pickup in our Truganina store only/ or a delivery can be organised)

Discover the perfect laundry solution with our Samsung 8kg Heat Pump Dryer and 8.5kg Qdrive Bubble Wash combo. This unbeatable duo combines cutting-edge technology with affordability, giving you a laundry experience like never before.

Key Features:

Factory Refurbished Excellence: Our Samsung appliances undergo rigorous refurbishment to ensure they perform like new. You get the quality and reliability of Samsung at a fraction of the cost.

8kg Heat Pump Dryer (): This energy-efficient dryer utilizes heat pump technology to dry your clothes gently and efficiently, reducing energy consumption while maintaining fabric integrity. Say goodbye to high energy bills!

8.5kg Qdrive Bubble Wash (): With Samsung's innovative Qdrive technology, this washing machine cuts laundry time in half while delivering a thorough and gentle wash. The Bubble Wash feature ensures your clothes come out brilliantly clean and fresh.

Smart Control: Both appliances are equipped with smart features, allowing you to control and monitor your laundry remotely through your smartphone. Start, stop, or schedule your laundry cycles with ease.

Eco-Friendly: Samsung is committed to sustainability. These appliances are designed to save water and energy, making them eco-friendly choices for environmentally-conscious consumers.

Large Capacities: The generous capacities of both the washer and dryer mean you can tackle big loads and bulky items effortlessly.

Quiet Operation: Enjoy peace and quiet while your laundry is in progress. Samsung's advanced noise reduction technology ensures a peaceful home environment.

Stylish Design: These appliances don't just perform well; they also look great in any laundry room with their sleek and modern design.

Warranty: Rest easy with our warranty coverage, ensuring your peace of mind and satisfaction with your purchase.

Upgrade your laundry game with this exceptional Samsung Factory Refurbished Washer and Dryer Pair Deal. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enjoy top-tier laundry performance at an unbeatable price. Order now and experience laundry convenience like never before!

Samsung 8.5kg QDrive washer and 9kg Heat Pump Dryer Pair Deal

SKU: Ww85m64 pair

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